Jul 31, 2015

Of Books and People...

Last Sunday was a total blast for us bookworms. Not only I was able to see my lovely friends (whom I have not seen for months), I also met a handful of awesome people during Bookworms Unite: A PH Bloggers and Readers Meet-Up. The event took place at Book and Borders, a perfect place to read, study, and relax. The atmosphere was very calming and quiet, but I bet it all shattered when the party in our space finally started.

There were a handful of fun games prepared by the organizers. There is the Finding Eros, wherein you have to find the love interests of the fictional characters among the sea of fictional characters. You need to find at least three pairings within 60 seconds in order to win a prize. Word Soup, also known as, I Will Give You Headache and then Blind You, is the hardest crossword puzzle I have ever encountered so far. You need to find five bookish words within one minute and thirty seconds in order to get a prize. Good luck in finding the words when you do not even know the exact words that you are looking for. Eriele, Jayvee and I ended up looking for the words together, but I think we did not even find the half of it. Nevertheless, we did manage to find Mal, Gat, Al, Fred and a few more, which were not really in the list...

(c) The Social Potato Reviews
Guess the Cover was the third game that probably disrupted the peaceful atmosphere of the cafe. Even the staffs were watching us as we go crazy over the carefully zoomed in covers of the upcoming novels. Me, Eriele, and Jayvee a.k.a. Team Die were able to get three points, with the cover of Another Day, the one that we’ve been waiting for, gracing us our very first point. That was the reason why we went bat-shit crazy when we saw it. Thank goodness, no one caught it on a video because we probably looked like we were having severe seizures. The last game was the Human Bingo. We were given a bingo card but instead of numbers, there were categories such as ‘has dnf-ed 3 books this year’ and  'does marginalia', and you have to find that person and have him or her signed on that square. Another fun game, since you get to talk to the other bookworms.

(c) The stacks of books that were up for grabs!
There was also a raffle towards the end of the game. I was not able to get my hands on Anna Brashares’s The Here and Now, so I picked up the ARC of Styx by Bavo Dhooge. The last gig of the event was the most anticipated part of the meet-up, which is the Blind Book Date. I was not able to bring some books for the exchange, which is why I lovingly stared at them as they ripped off the wrappers.

Me and my ARC of Styx :) (c) The Social Potato Reviews
Bookworms Unite was indeed an amazing event. I had loads of fun the whole day. I am hoping that there will be another one soon, because I would definitely be there again. Thank you to the bloggers who made this meet-up possible: Aimee, Dianne, Faye, Inah, Hazel, and Miel. 

It was nice seeing my friends, especially the Peculiar Family, whom I haven't seen for months! I'm so glad to see some of you again. And to the new friends that I made because of this event, I hope to see you guys again! 

With the lovely members of the Peculiar Family
Doing the Eriele pose with them.
Yay for free books! <3

Oh, and I'm back!~

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  1. You forgot to thank Hazel, too! She's one of the organizers. :) She even did the poster. But, yeah, thank you for coming, Alia! It was so nice to meet you. My favorite part, no wait, parts were probably the moment Team Die died when Another Day came up AND seeing you all have fun with Word Soup. :)