Jan 7, 2016

One Year After...

Back in December 2014, I made a Waiting on Wednesday post for this certain book, saying that I've been keeping an eye on this one for the past few weeks. Fast forward to 2016, one year after the book's release date, I still can't forget the emotions that I felt back then while I was reading it. It was the book that didn't make me cry, although it's a heart-wrenching story. The book is none other than Jennifer Niven's All the Bright Places.

I wasn't able to write a book review for this one, precisely because I don't know how to put everything into words. A lot of crying gifs would probably be enough to sum up what I felt, but kidding aside, I'm totally lost for words for the novel.

Violet Markey and Finch Theodore, what would I do if I haven't read your bittersweet story? I probably wouldn't have experienced that book slump (I think it lasted for almost a month), at the same time, I wouldn't feel the relief of being alive. All the Bright Places hit a lot that were closer to home.

The book review that I never posted because I felt like it wasn't enough 

This is my first take on writing a poem inspired by what happened by the end
of the novel.

Another poem inspired by Finch. (I think I finished this one)

It didn't make me cry. I came close to crying, but something held the tears back. However, what I experienced is something that haven't happened to me: it literally broke my heart. Maybe it's because of the coffee that I drank that morning, but I did have chest pain a few moments after I finished reading the book. The pain was too much that it literally hurts my heart. It feels like a tissue or something gave up inside of me because of too much pain. 

All the Bright Places has been a wonderful read. I also had a lovely discussion about Finch and everything about it with Jayvee of Writer for Misfits.

Thank you for writing this story, Jennifer Niven. As much as it broke my heart, a learned a few lessons from Finch Theodore. It was really lovely to meet these wonderful characters. 

P.S. I'm reading the book for the second time.

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